Fonds Gehandicaptensport

Figure skater Qiong Li Herman and Johan Reekers for ‘Fonds gehandicaptensport’

Flagler Beach, Florida

On my way to St Augustine in Florida, I did a little stop at Flagler beach. Actually I didn’t realize it has been 9-11 until I saw this flag. Mikhail (71), a former photographer was willing to pose for a little while. Now retired and enjoying his holiday. 25 Years ago he moved from the Ukraine to Boston to work as a wedding photographer.

Adam, 38 years old and already running 3 companies. Always positive and full of energy according his friends...and a rather good surfer.

Onno Hoes

Mayor of Haarlemmermeer for PS-magazine

Dutch Chefs

Chef Michael Wolf / Restaurant Wolf Ateliers and Chef Ron Blaauw / Ron Gastrobar Amsterdam

City-me, Berlin 


Campaign VWS

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Once we’re Heroes

Peter, 2006, Rotterdam


De Hef school in Rotterdam

Portrait of Xenia

Our Grid / Growing between the lines

 ‘The insecure age group of this growing group of youngsters, set against the smooth and outlined background of the planned residential area, fascinates me as a photographer and resident of IJburg.’

My Place

Ed Hyde, 53 years, Boston, Massachusetts. Musician and comic writer. For paying the bills, he works in the maintenance.

David and his dog Perdida, Cerrillos, New Mexico. During the week he works as a constructor. I asked him to pose for a while. I liked his appearance with his hat and his sweet dog. The location was perfect, the car, the church and his hat.....all in the same color.


Somerville Boston

City-me, Dublin

The combination of graffiti, the sculpture of Maria and the crucifix in the background made this place feel a bit surrealistic.


Dani Alves

Former soccer player of FC Barcelona

entrepreneurs of Qredits

Portrait of Nadine in her shop The Darling in Amsterdam and from Mo and Sahar with their bakery ‘Samen’ in the centre of Dordrecht.

10x portraits for Qredits for an outdoor exhibition in 10 cities in NL from March until September

Sharin and Amier / Melaka

Sharin (left), 21 years and Amier (right), 23 years are friends for already a long time. Amier is the proud owner of his car. He afforded to buy himself this Mitsubishi by working as a security agent in a hotel. Sharin works as a contractor in the oil and gas business. Just a month ago this young man had a serious accident with his motorbike. Now he’s carrying for the rest of his life a piece of steel in one of his legs. He told me the sad news, he’s never able to walk without his crutches again.
(Melaka, Malaysia)

THe brewers of HertogJan beer

Campaign for Hertog Jan beer


kitchen Crew of The Jane Antwerp


Ship wharf and Thai Binh in Vietnam

Philips, Sweden

Following a mechanic for a few days in Sweden for Philips

Marcel Hensema

La Boqueria Barcelona


Barcelona (2011)

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