A series of photographs about a mixture of people in the Boston area in front of their houses. 

Lucy, teacher and 29 years old, posing with her dog for a few minutes in Georgetown, Boston

Salvador, 57 years, with his grandson. Working at the laundry nearby. 

This is Amanda, a 29 years old massage therapist. Her husband is working 7 days a week, while she 's taking care of their little child and dog Lola. I met her when she was doing the grass with the the lawn mower. She was willing to pose for a while after refreshing herself for a few minutes.

William, 64 years old, worked in a bakery when he was still young. Because of mental problems he was not able to work anymore. His favourite place to stay is in front of his house, "cause where else can I go?"


This is Alan, 84 years, a former machine repairer. Now he's already retired for a long time, because of the problems with his knees. Living with his son and helping him with his motor racing bike to solve the mechanical problems.

Ed Hyde, 53, musician and comic writer. For paying the bills, he works in the maintenance.

Armando just became 89 years old. I met this Italian man while he was sleeping in his white chair, When I was in doubt to make a picture of him, he woke up. We had a little chat. The man worked his whole life as a bricklayer and is now enjoying his pension.

George is the proud man in front of his house in Somerville. This friendly man is originally from Portugal, but lives already for 54 years in the US. No Portugese flag, this would make things a bit complicated. He apologized for the shape of his garden. For me actually it looked quiet allright. Doing the maintenance at the Boston University for already more then 30 years. Still another 5 years to go, he wishes this would be much shorter!

This is Eric.....was willing to pose for a few minutes, but didn't want to give any further details about his life.  He only told me he likes to draw. He gave me a little sketch.

Don, 64 years old, administrator at a Behavior Health Clinic. He has been wearing a scarf bandage for his arm for a few months cause he was injured by an accident. Today was the first time he could use both of his arms again.

Barbara, a 74 years old woman mowing the grass. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable to go on the picture, but at the end she liked it. Always she has been working as an administrator for a cancer institute. She is wearing the sunglasses on the photo cause she has been operated from skin cancer near her eye. A very positive person and grateful because she is still healthy.

Blanca just came back from her work from the laundry. Everyday starting at 6. Although she was rather tired, she had still the energy to pose for a couple of minutes. Living with her sisters and children in 1 house. We were talking Spanish. I liked the red shirt against the white house and of course her tattoo.

When I just arrived at my destination in the Somerville area of Boston, I met Moses a programmer of 41 years old. This young man told me he bought the house a few weeks ago. While I was just coming back from the country with the big houses and their huge gardens, I was impressed the way he was taking care of his tiny little garden.