The City-me project  shows still, industrial city perspectives where the individual merges into the graphic background. The work is a mixture of reportage and ‘semi’ staged photography. The somewhat surreal surroundings are just as important as the individuals themselves. Many of the images have been taken just outside busy town centers in quiet, often somewhat sober, suburbs. The people in the photos are unknown passers-by who are walking, unknowingly, through the created “street decor” of the photographer. A carefully structured decor sometimes illuminated, when needed, by a flashlight, stuck to a lamp post with tape. There is no traffic in sight; adverts or other signs where avoided or integrated into the image. The streets seem desolate, but that is just appearance. In reality traffic is rushing by, requiring lots of patience in order to isolate just one person. Sometimes there is no one in sight and I was forced to stage some of the shots by asking some lonely passers-by to pose.