R.I.P. Frank

Frank told me stories about his life as a police detective. About pursuits, arrests and rushes at the football stadium. His strong physique brought him further prizes in cycling and running. A real active guy who didn't avoid risks. At the beginning of 2000 Frank moved in next-door to me. He already then suffered from Parkinson’s disease, but despite this, he still helped me with a conversion of my house. I saw him deteriorate more with all the consequences this entailed. Divorce followed, after which he lived with us for a little while. Parkinson’s disease made it impossible to live independently. Now, years later, Frank lives in a nursing home completely dependent on care.  He still is the ‘silent’ fighter, but now trapped in his once so strong body and wheelchair, his life mainly happens in his room. 


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Kitchen Rijksmuseum


For Chaud Devant I have been doing a photoshoot in the kitchen of the Rijksmuseum. The chef and his employees are all wearing the clothes of Chaud Devant.

Georgia USA

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Last week I was in Georgia to make a short industrial movie at a Power plant. Every morning the day starts with the health and safety procedures followed by the gymnastics.




'Every day, ETB-BISLIFE’s employees devote their passion to improving patients’ quality of life. ETB-BISLIFE is a reliable non-profit tissue institution. We make donated human tissues, mainly musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, skin and eye tissue, available to treating physicians for transplantation purposes.'


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This documentary tells the story of an artist from The Hague, The Netherlands, who suffers from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. This makes him into an intense, dominant human being, with a strong opinion and a lot of anger. And at the same time an emotional human. Unique, sensitive, creative and talented. His son goes on a search for the man behind Tourettes. Who is the man that makes his dad his dad?

Short movie for Pensioenfonds

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Hans is cleaning the windows at Schiphol Airport behind the customs for already many years. In this short movie Hans explains his situation concerning his pension.

Urban Red Race Amsterdam

(AMSTERDAM) Every year we try to bring you a fresh selection of Jury elements. They are a very photography active bunch, from professional photographers, educators, gear geeks… you have it all!

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring and prominent people in the field of photography. We want our Jury members to be as broad and diverse as possible so that they can select the most complete winning set possible.

This year the Jury members for the UPR Amsterdam 2018 are: Bas LosekootKjell LeknesMarc Driessen and Jaap van den Beukel. You can learn about them more in detail on our Website. Check it out!


Short docu Woody van Amen

Woody van Amen - ‘Time Capsules’ (9 minuten). Te zien in museum 'Beelden aan Zee’

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In deze korte documentaire neemt filmmaker Pascale Korteweg je mee naar het Kralingse atelier waar kunstenaar Woody van Amen al sinds de zestiger jaren werkt. Heden en verleden verbroederen in deze fascinerende ruimte waar scheppingsdrang, tijd en verzamelingen allen een even grote rol spelen. Dit is de plek waar we toegang krijgen tot zijn universum en het is de broedplaats voor zijn meest recente project: de tentoonstelling in museum Beelden aan Zee.
Camera: Jaap van den Beukel | Sound: Jeroen Leemans | Muziek: Tijs Leemans | Montage: Noud Holtman